Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Senate Debunks Recent Claims Of Data Support For Data Hike On Dailies

Vice chairman of the Committee on Communications Senator Solomon Adeola has debunked a recent claimed published in national daily that "Senate okays Data Price Hike."

In a press statement, Media Adviser to Senator Solomon Adeola, Chief Kayode Odunaro said "Our attention has been drawn to a publication with the misleading title “ Senate Okays Data Price Hike, says NCC Acted in national Interest” in a national daily insinuating that the Senate through its Committee on Communications sanctioned data price increase by telecommunications service providers during an oversight visit to the Nigerian Communication Commission.

"There is no iota of truth in the misleading title as the contrary is the case from what the Vice chairman of the Committee Senator Solomon Adeola said in his presentation during the briefing by NCC Executive Vice Chairman, Professor Umaru Dambatta.

"Senator Adeola while commending the NCC for its achievements in recent times stated that the action it took in suspending the proposed data hike following public outcry was in the national and peoples’ interest stressing that their prompt responses to Senate inquiries on the matter and other related issues and a promise to undertake further scientific study on the data hike issue was commendable.

"As can be seen from the body of the story no where did the senator ‘okays’ the regulatory agency recommended “price floor” which was the issue that gave rise to the proposed data price hike that has since been suspended."

Recall that the Senate, Wednesday November 30, 2016 ordered the Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC, to halt immediately, its planned hike in data tariff.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Heart Of Man Is Fantastically Wicked

This happened at the Palms Shopping Mall in Victoria Island Lagos; This is very scary and could happen to any of us. Seems like every nice thing people do for one another can be perverted. This is a new twist to kidnapping from a very smart survivor.

About a week ago, there was a woman standing by the mall entrance passing out flyers to all the women going in. The woman had written the flyer herself to tell about an experience she had, so that she might warn other women. The previous day, this woman had finished shopping, went out to her car and discovered that she had a flat tyre. She got the jack out of the trunk and began to change the flat tyre.

A nice man dressed in a business suit and carrying a briefcase walked up to her and said, “I noticed you’re changing a flat tyre. Would you like me to take care of it for you?”

The woman was grateful for his offer and accepted his help. They chatted amiably while the man changed the flat, and then put the flat tire and the jack in the trunk, shut it and dusted his hands off. The woman thanked him profusely, and as she was about to get in her car, the man told her that he left his car around on the other side of the mall, and asked if she would mind giving him a lift to his car.

She was a little surprised and she asked him why his car was on other side. He explained that he had seen an old friend in the mall that he hadn’t seen for some time and they had a bite to eat, visited for a while, and he got turned around in the mall and left through the wrong exit, and now he was running late. The woman hated to tell him “no” because he had just rescued her from having to change her flat tyre all by herself, but she felt uneasy. (Trust that gut feeling!) Then she remembered seeing the man put his briefcase in her trunk before shutting it and before he asked her for a ride to his car.

She told him that she’d be happy to drive him around to his car, but she just remembered one last thing she needed to buy.

Smart woman!! She said she would only be a few minutes; he could sit down in her car and wait for her; she would be as quick as she could be. She hurried into the mall, and told a security guard! What had happened, the guard came out to her car with her, but the man had left. They opened the trunk, took out his locked briefcase and took it down to the police station. The police opened it (ostensibly to look for ID so they could return it to the man). What they found was rope, duct tape, and knives.

When the police checked her “flat” tyre, there was nothing wrong with it; the air had simply been let out. It was obvious what the man’s intention was, and obvious that he had carefully thought it out in advance.

The woman was blessed to have escaped harm. (Amen thank you, God!) How much worse it would have been if she had children with her and had them wait in the car while the man fixed the tyre, or if she had a baby strapped into a car seat or if she’d gone against her judgment and given him a lift?

I’d like you to forward this to all those you know that may need to be reminded that the world we live in has a lot of deviants in it. It may save a life. Better to be safe than sorry.


Saturday, 8 October 2016

How Islamic are the Islamic Countries

Assalamu alaikum

Below is a very interesting study I recieved recently which shows in what state we are as an ummah. May Allah help us improve ourselves individually and that we become better as an ummah! Ameen!

*Subject:* Ranking of true Islamic countries

How Islamic are the Islamic Countries

A study conducted by Prof. Hussain Askari of George Washington University entitled *“How Islamic are the Islamic Countries"* showed that most of the countries that apply *Islamic Principles* in their daily lives are not ones that are traditionally Muslim.
New Zealand ranked 1st,  Luxembourg 2nd,
Ireland 3rd,
Iceland 4th,
Finland 5th,
Denmark 6th
Canada 7th.
Malaysia 38th,
Kuwait 48th,
Bahrain 64th
and the surprise
*Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked 131st*.

The study, published in the *Global Economy Journal* might be shocking to most of us but when we look around us and see the reality of the situation, we find that the results the study are accurate and true.

As Muslims we seem to care only about performing religious Obligations/Rituals/Sunnah (prayer, fasting, niqab, beards, etc), reading the Qur’an and the Hadiths, but we don't practice what we espouse. We listen to religious lessons and sermons more than the other people on the face of the earth, but we are still not the best of Nations. In the last 60 years, we have listened to 3,000 Friday sermons.

A Chinese merchant once said: “Muslim merchants come to me and ask me to put fake international labels and brands on their goods. When I invite them to eat, they refuse because the food is not Halal. So it is Halal for them to sell fake goods?”

A Japanese Muslim said: “I traveled to the West and saw Islam in practice applied in the daily life of non-Muslims. I traveled to the East, I saw Islam but did not see any Muslims. I thank Allah I knew Islam before I knew how Muslims act.”

Religion should not be reduced to Prayer and Fasting. It is a way of life and it is about how we treat others.

Performing a religious obligation is up to you and it is something between you and Allah. However, good ethics is something between you and other people. In other words, if we do not put Islamic ethics into action and practice, corruption will become rampant and disgrace will be our future.

We should not judge a person based on how he performs religious obligations for he might be a hypocrite.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Verily, the bankrupt of my nation are those who come on the Day of Resurrection with prayers, fasting and charity, but also with insults, slander, consuming wealth, shedding and beating others.”

I believe *Islam* (external aspect of faith) is incomplete without *Imaan* (internal aspect of faith) and *Ihsaan* (social aspect of faith). Ponder, understand and realize this.

Lord Bernard Shaw is reported to have said:

Islam is the best religion and Muslims are the worst followers.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Has The Time Not Come?


Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth? And let them not be like those who were given the Scripture before, and a long period passed over them, so their hearts hardened; and many of them are defiantly disobedient.

#Quran 57:16

Thursday, 28 July 2016


Firstly, let be say i am not involved in the appeal and i do not know anyone close to me who is directly involved. I make appeals on behalf of An-Nusra Foundation; a duly registered charity which verifies all claims made to Regional Management Teams (RMT) before approval by a 6 man Board of Trustee based on the recommendation of the RMT, it is at this stage people like us are contacted to make post. An-Nusra Foundation was not involved in this case neither did they receive any appeal from Mayowa's family. So what i am about to say is without bias.

Secondly, at this stage it is premature to call the Mayowa appeal a scam. It has been confirmed that she is seriously down with ovarian cancer, the only claim now being made is that the hospital has given up on her and it is the family that went ahead to make the appeal. But this raises two questions. The first is we saw Mayowa herself ask people for help, if it was her family who were trying to "scam" us did they also compel the sick lady to ask for money and where was the hospital staff while this was going on? The second question is if you had a sister or a relative you love and the hospital says there is no hope for her will you not seek alternatives? What if the family still insisted on flying her abroad for treatment? Is there a case in America that they have actually given up on? Its hard, even for non curable diseases there are clinical trials in America, if you can raise 30 million for your love one to go for any of these will you not?

Added to this there are evidences that Emory Hospital, Atlanta, U.S.A was contacted. Those now saying its a scam are claiming the family said they now want to fly her to Abu Dhabi instead. How this makes it a scam is still unknown. I have handled a case with some persons before where we wanted to fly the brother to America then the price was too much we later decided on Abu Dhabi, we were processing the passport when the man died. Can people no longer change their mind on where they want their loved ones treated?

Even more there is evidence that Emory Hospital asked for a Consultancy of about 500,000 and a deposit of 100,000 dollars which amounts to the 32 million raised. The hospital went ahead to say when treatment starts patient can spend up to 30,000 dollars (9 million naira!) PER TREATMENT AND 10 TO 50 TREATMENTS ARE NEEDED.

This was the same ridiculous charges the hospital we contacted in America for the case i mentioned gave us and we settled for Abu Dhabi, perhaps as Mayowa's family did.

Lastly, i will want to urge foundations to step up their game. At An-Nusra Foundation, monies are paid into foundation account and the Foundation pays directly to the hospital, everything ends up being transparent. I think this is something the likes of Aramide Kasumu can adopt for her foundation instead of arresting families of sick people.

Maybe there will be evidence of a scam tomorrow but there is non today and we are playing with a lady's life.

- Eseoghene Al- Faruq Ohwojeheri

Do Not Let Your Emotion Cause Commotion

There is an adage of the Yoruba people that says "Omo abi ire ki n rin loru meaning a child with an upright background never stay out at night" a friend once told me it's a tale of the olden days. Civilization has taken over with street lights everywhere and increase in security measures in place, people now move freely with less panic. No cause for alarm.

However, the excitements and expression of emotion can cause commotion. Caution should never be thrown to the wind when spending time out at night. If you must walk, work or have fun at night then do with caution. There are nightcrawlers everywhere. We have heard stories of abduction. In fact there are people who are now behind bars nabbed by policemen as robbers- mistaken identity. Even some 'waka about' men have slept with demons in woman form. There's nothing new under the sky-- things happen at night. People seal billion naira contract at night. Politicians have their meetings at nights. We also watch football match at night. However, we must not throw caution to the wind.

In a recent chat I had with DSP Ebere Amariazu, Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer, he said " there is no problem to go out and have fun at night so long one is law abiding."

In fact, Enugu State is taking the lead as one of the peaceful State in Nigeria and that is a reflection of security partnership with members of the public and sister security agencies. Everyone is a partner in safeguarding the state.

Let me end this way, there is need for everyone in the country to change the mindset of "e no concern me" because the nation belongs to us. We all have to be security conscious so we can shame those who say we are not united.

Safety begins with you.

One love Nigeria!

- Abdulhakeem Adeoye

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Comparative analysis between wives of today and that of yesterday By Pof. Yusuf Dankofa

1).Yesterday's Wives.

Welcome my husband, hope the office was not stressful., your favorite food is ready, let me lead you to the bathroom first,then you take your dinner, you look so tired, am sure you'll be okay after taking your dinner, welcome my one and only.

Today's Wives

Please don't put unnecessary pressure on me, you can go to the fridge pick up the stew, microwave it and boiled the remaining rice, i am your wife and not your cook.

2).Yesterday's Wives
Darling stop thinking about our lack of money. Its going to be temporary. God will see us through and we are going to come out of it stronger. After all, we can still feed ourselves and the children. We need to give the Almighty that glory. I am with you through thick and thin,my husband,the owner of my dowry.

Today's Wives________________Look I am sick and tired of living in this abject poverty with you. Why did you bring me to your house when you know that you are not ready for marriage?Every day is one complaint or the other. Are you the Complainant General of Nigeria. We don't have cars,our house is in Tudunwada,when your mates are in GRAs. Look if you don't find solutions to your problems,you will come back and not find me in this your rotten house.

3).Yesterday's Wives____________My husband,we only have 3 children,don't you think we should have more. You know children are gifts and mercies from God. And the more the merrier.

Today's Wives_______________Look am sick and tired of this marriage. You won't allow me to rest by your constant urge to have more children. I am okay with our two children. I can't allow you to spoil my figure 8 by bearing another 4 children. You are so wicked that I feel you want to spoil my psychedelic looks. If you dare force me,I will sue you for rape.

4).Yesterday's Wives___________My husband,take heart and don't worry. I shall go with you to Zaria. Your being transferred from the glitterati of Abuja to Zaria might be a blessing in disguise. We shall take the advantage of the educational institutions to advance our education. Some disappointments could be a blessing.

Today's Wives______________Me I can't follow you to Zaria o. God forbid bad thing. From Abuja to Zaria?I can't cope with such a demotion. To start living in a village. You had better look for another wife. I can't live in a city without silver birds,Amigo supermarket or Dunes

5)Yesterday's Wives__________My husband,I have enough clothes. This N30.000 you are giving me,pls keep it and save for a rainy day.

Today's Wives________________Why are you so stingy?Do you have super glue in your palms?What an insult. What kind of shopping do you want me to do with N50.000?What can I buy?Is it Swiss lace or Dubai gold. I am disappointed in you. Your mates are giving their wives $5000 to shop,here you are humiliating me with naira. I don't blame you. It is because I refused to marry Chief Antonio that's why you are messing up with me.

Thursday, 21 July 2016


There were two houses standing next to each other. In one of them resided a very unhappy family. The spouses yelled at each other, they fought and quarreled all the time.
The other was a place of happiness and calm.

During one of the fights the wife asked her husband:

“Did you ever hear them quarrel or yell over at that house?


So, go there and see what they do to avoid it!”

The husband stood at the window of his neighbors and watched. There, they were busy doing their own thing. The wife was in the kitchen cooking, and the man sat at the table writing. The phone rang and the man jumped up and headed to the hallway to get it.

On his way he bumped into a vase, it fell and broke. He got down to his knees and started picking up the pieces. The wife ran into the room from the kitchen. She also kneeled down and started helping her husband to pick them up.

The man said to his wife:
“I am so sorry. I rushed to get the phone and bumped into the vase. It fell and got broken.”

The wife replied: “No, honey, it is my fault. I put it there on the way. That’s why you bumped into it.”

They kissed, and that was over. Both got back to what they were doing.

The man who watched them returned to his wife. She wanted to know what the secret of their happiness was.

What he said was fantastic:
*“I know it now. In their family they both are guilty and in our family both of us are always right!”*
That’s the secret of family happiness!

Food for thought.
The "trick" isn't in not wanting to take responsibility, but rather in not claiming right.

There are times you need to forfeit your right to earn your peace: depends on which you cherish most.

This recipe is applicable, not only in the home, but also
-at work
-on the road
-in the market place
-between nations.
-all relationships.


Greet a Muslim in the right way!

❌ Salam (peace)
❌ (and peace)
❌ Slm/Wslm (no meanings)
❌ Aslm alkm/ Wlkm slm(no meanings). All the above words do not represent Islamic greetings. This is considered
🚫UNEDUCATED to use these words as a way of greeting in islam, Some people have gone to the extent of abbreviating our Creator's Name (Allah S.W.T) into writing "Alh" ❌ or "Wlh" ❌ . INNALILLAHI WA INNA'ILAIHI RAJIUN! Why ❓ This is getting worst! Please my brothers and sisters in Islam, let us try and change for the sake of Allah.
NOTE THAT: All the above words are not islamic and didn't represent Islamic greetings, but
✅ WISE, and
✔ Assalamu Alaikum = peace be upon you
✔Wa Alaykumussalam = and peace be upon you too.
✔Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh = may peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. ✔ Wa'alaikumussalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh = may peace,mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you All Muslims and let everyone take part until you are happy with
(Peace be upon you all).
👥There are different wayz of saying salaam
Here we go with the meanings
👥1) Assalaamu Alaikum
(May allah shower peace upon u)
(It's lyk cursing )
(U will die)
(U will suffer from happiness)
(u will be poor)
(U.gvng ur salaam to shaithan)
👥Plz make all Muslims aware of these facts...


Tuesday, 26 April 2016


For the NYSC 2016 Batch A corps members , this is to provide a more detailed information about all you need to do or know while coming to camp and when you are in camp.

As you might have read on some platforms ; Firstly, you are expected to come to the camp with the original copies and photocopies of your ;

1. Call-up letter (Do not Laminate it, About 5 copies),
2. Statement of result (about 5 copies),
3. Valid Institution ID card (about 5 copies)
4. Passport Photograph (About 10 Copies)
5. Foreign trained graduates should come along with all the documents uploaded during registration or visit this link for more information:  http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/ForeignReq.aspx.

👉Keep all the above mentioned documents properly, your inability to produce them in camp when requested by the NYSC officials may deprive you of being registered.

👉Ensure you make all required photocopies (about 5 copies each) and snap enough Passport photographs (about 15) before leaving for the orientation camp, failure to do these might result to you being exploited at the orientation camp market.

👉Once again, Do not laminate your call up letter!!!., It will be verified and collected by NYSC officials during the registration exercise.

👉You will be given several forms which you will not find difficult to fill, make sure you fill in the correct information required of you. Check your spellings before submission. It’s advisable to make copies of forms before filling them, in order to avoid errors on the original forms.

👉Those with faded print on their original WAEC result should come with a coloured copy of their WAEC result printed from the internet, this should be attached to the faded print certificate. To be on a safer side , you can go to WAEC office for another copy or a court to put you through.

👉 After registration, you would be given a state code. This will be your ID number throughout the service year. Afterwards, you should proceed to where others are collecting Kits, Tags and so on.

You would be assigned rooms and bed space after checking into the camp (before registration) ,

Read and make good use of all notices Posted around,

Make sure you keep you documents very well, especially your meal ticket which you will used for collecting food


Below are some of the materials you might need in the camp;

👉About three Plain white T shirts and White Shorts, these will add up to the two sets you will be given after registration. If you can manage the two sets that will be given to you for 3 weeks, no need to go with additional white T shirt and Short.
About three Pairs of White socks (Two pairs will be provided by NYSC)

This is not all, Continue reading from our website...............http://www.muslimcorpers.org/blog/all-you-need-know-going-orientation-camp

You can also Click on the link below to get the numbers of our Representatives across the Nation, they will be ready to assist you as Allah directs them. Start calling now to get all the info you might need, In Shaa Allah (God willing) ;

Jazakum Allahu khairan (May almighty God reward you with goodness) AS YOU SHARE till it gets to those who might need this information. 

Facebook : MCAN National
Website : www.muslimcorpers.org

Apena Ibrahim Adeboye
National Public Relations Officer.
call : 08108316118
Text : 08103553734
WhatApp: +233570691296 (you can add to your Islamic groups).

Address : plot 1065, behind VIO office, Mabushi, Abuja, Nigeria