Thursday, 28 July 2016

Do Not Let Your Emotion Cause Commotion

There is an adage of the Yoruba people that says "Omo abi ire ki n rin loru meaning a child with an upright background never stay out at night" a friend once told me it's a tale of the olden days. Civilization has taken over with street lights everywhere and increase in security measures in place, people now move freely with less panic. No cause for alarm.

However, the excitements and expression of emotion can cause commotion. Caution should never be thrown to the wind when spending time out at night. If you must walk, work or have fun at night then do with caution. There are nightcrawlers everywhere. We have heard stories of abduction. In fact there are people who are now behind bars nabbed by policemen as robbers- mistaken identity. Even some 'waka about' men have slept with demons in woman form. There's nothing new under the sky-- things happen at night. People seal billion naira contract at night. Politicians have their meetings at nights. We also watch football match at night. However, we must not throw caution to the wind.

In a recent chat I had with DSP Ebere Amariazu, Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer, he said " there is no problem to go out and have fun at night so long one is law abiding."

In fact, Enugu State is taking the lead as one of the peaceful State in Nigeria and that is a reflection of security partnership with members of the public and sister security agencies. Everyone is a partner in safeguarding the state.

Let me end this way, there is need for everyone in the country to change the mindset of "e no concern me" because the nation belongs to us. We all have to be security conscious so we can shame those who say we are not united.

Safety begins with you.

One love Nigeria!

- Abdulhakeem Adeoye

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