Friday, 26 February 2016

Stop...take a deep breath.

Have you found yourself in a situation that you never expected you would be in and you are stressed out of your mind?

You may feel your whole world is crashing in on you and that you have lost everything. You are just plain tired. Do not panic and don’t quit! You are still here in your right mind. Everything else is a bonus.

You may have been in this place before where you have wondered, "How can I get through this?" You could not see it, but somehow you made it. And you will again.

Stop ~ take a deep breath! Calm yourself and encourage yourself. Keep in mind, who you had to be and what you had to do in the past to overcome what appeared to be insurmountable odds. You still have that power that makes you a winner.

Keep your head up. Come out swinging. Know in your heart of hearts…it is not over until you win! Because... you have something special!

You have GREATNESS within you!!

Monday, 15 February 2016

You Have To Move On

Sometimes when you have outgrown the situations in your life, and you are not aware, or do not have the courage to move on ~ life will move on you.

You may have been told that your company is going in another direction. You knew it was coming, and you didn’t prepare yourself. Now you are angry, and feel you were wronged. You have to move on.

Your relationship of many years may have ended and you were devastated, confused and shocked. You are in pain, feel disillusioned and full of despair. However,  it is time to move on.

Your mind is reeling and your heart feels as if it has been ripped out and handed to you on a platter. As hard as it will be, you have to shake it off and move on. Moving on does not mean that you give up. Moving on means that no job, relationship, house, or any other thing is worth your sanity.

Do not focus on the things that you have lost. You can always get these back and much more. Focus your mind. Get still.  Go within. Tap into your GREATNESS and move on!


Keep on pushing to the next level in your life, keep on moving forward in your  life.

You make your own decision in life. If you want to become successful in life, it is a must if you really mean success.

Noting comes free, so accept the challenges and face the reality of pain in order to open the way towards success in your life.

What decision have you made? What action, risks and faith have you taken in your life if you do mean success?

Imagine yourself 3 years from now where will you be?

How hungry are you to achieve success in life?

Success comes your way according to the decisions you make. If you have already made your decisions of becoming successful then you have to start believing, have faith and accept pain or failure in your life because nothing comes free. So if you mean success, you have to change your mindset from fear or disappointment to focus!