Friday, 5 August 2011

Lagos Incessant Flood

Lagos is a very low lying State, relatively flat in topography, near the Coast (Atlantic Ocean) and is served by many Rivers as well as lagoons. Under normal circumstances, when water is to flow by natural means, (that is under the force of gravity), it does so from a higher level to a lower level. It is now no doubt that a heavy downpour of rain would cause flood. 
Nevertheless, Lagosians are the major cause of the present state they find themselves. You ask me why, that is because they never stop dumping refuse into the drains, which sometimes do not get cleared as often as they should. Also people construct buildings along natural drainage routes and on flood plains. 
More so, many Nigerian roads have challenges of poor materials utilised for construction, poor design as well as poor supervision of coordination. There is the need to let people know that they have to change their orientation towards waste disposal. There should be enlightenment campaign to this effect. Drainage design can be changed in some heavily built areas of the city to meet disposal needs of the people. There could be open drains and covered drains to serve different areas of the metropolis.
If proper steps are taken, i believe flood will reduce in Lagos.

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