Thursday, 18 October 2012

Girl raped by boyfriend and his friends

A young man in Saudi Arabia was arrested on charges of rape and extortion. He was taken into custody after a young girl, 17, filed a police complaint against him.

The two met for the first time after the man had initially got in touch with the teenager through mobile chat messenger application 'Whats App'. The man forced the girl to meet him the first time. He lured her into his car and took her to his apartment and raped her, reports Saudi daily Sabq.

The 25-year old man raped her repeatedly and filmed those incidents and threatened to expose her by making images public on social networking sites.

The girl fell deeper and deeper into his trap. He not only raped her himself in his car and at his friends' farm house but also passed her around to his friends for some further sexual assault.

The girl called his bluff one day and the man uploaded an indecent
(read: semi-naked) image on Facebook in a bid to make her submit to his demands.

Finally, she approached the virtue police and they arrested the young man and his friends when they were about to force the girl to accompany them to yet another farm house to gang rape her.


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