Sunday, 10 August 2014


Being the text of the Amir of the Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit delivered at Press Conference/symposium on seeking enduring Peace to Israel/Palestine crises on August 10, 2014

As-Salaamu Alaykum WarahmatuLLAHI Wabarakatuhu

All Protocols duly recognised and observed.

I welcome you all to this auspicious occasion, organised by the Muslim Awareness International to boost awareness over the Palestinian crisis.

I must warn us all that Palestine is of paramount concern to all the 2 billion Muslims of the world, our humble selves inclusive, and not just the people of Gaza. Indeed, recent happenings in Gaza have internationalised the Palestinian struggle, breaking barriers of religion, ideology and race.

Just yesterday, the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign UK mobilized a whopping 150, 000 people in the United Kingdom, to demonstrate in favour of the Muslims of Gaza. Oddly enough, the Chair of the Campaign, Hugh Lanning, is not a Muslim, nor is the vast majority of the demonstrators!

200, 000 predominantly non-Muslim people also demonstrated in favour of Gaza in South Africa. Largely Catholic Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina and Ecuador have all expelled their Israeli ambassadors and mounted a water-tight boycott of Israeli goods. The Bolivian President even went on to officially declare Israel a terrorist state. Non-Muslims are at the forefront of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, delivering painful economic damage to Israel and its allies.

The question of the moment thus is, “where are the Muslims”?

Because the Abu Bakrs of our time have refused to rise to the occasion, speak up and defend Islam at the intellectual, mass mobilization and media frontlines, the Abu Talibs of our time have, and they will, because Allah will always protect Islam by the limbs of those amongst His slaves he chooses.

This is a clarion call to Muslim youth, who have beyond doubt borne the brunt of the onslaught of Israel, the West and its allies the most. Shake off your laxity, timidity and intellectual emptiness. Rise to the occasion, and defend Islam and Muslims, so as to gain a slot on the train of Islam on its way to Jannah.
Pray fervently for the people of Gaza, and the whole of the Muslim world. Seek correct and true information about your global Muslim brethren. Defend Islam vigorously on Facebook, Twitter and the likes, by broadcasting, sharing and uploading indisputable facts about the oppression of Muslims worldwide. Be at the forefront of the BOYCOTT MOVEMENT, by refusing to buy, sell, use or associate with Israeli goods, and encouraging others to do same.

The struggle for the soul of Islam is at an all-time high, and the Muslim youth are lagging behind. Let’s pick up the baton of intellectual, political and organisational Jihad, and race together as such to Jannah

Maa salaama
Alhaji Kaamil Kalejaiye
President, Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit

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