Monday, 24 November 2014


Now I'm beginning to wonder if people would ever believe any comedian sincerely aspiring for any position in government.People take anything they say as joke. Imagine after breaking the news of Helen Paul's baby delivery, I received funny responses from fans.

"is that the title of her new skit?"

"Is she married...?"

"that small girl, so she is married?"

"how come she got pregnant when she's not even married?"

"that girl with that little voice abi? I didn't know she was pregnant o. I saw her on Jara yesterday na...?

There are some who also send their wishes via @lindaikeji 

  1. congrats
  2. eyah!!! Tank god for her oh..
  3. congrats 2 tatafoo
  4. congrats helen paul!
1h1 hour ago
congrats small pepper....anoda person 2 d family

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